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Winter-Proofing Your Caravan - October 7th, 2011

If you’re not going to be using your caravan during the winter months, you will need to do a few things to prepare it properly so that it survives the season without too much wear and tear. Here in Charmouth the wind and rain can get quite fierce during the later part of the year, so we know how important it is to prepare your caravan correctly. The following are our top ten tips for winter-proofing your caravan…

1. Empty your cupboards and get rid of any crumbs or traces of food around the caravan – this will help to prevent animals getting in, and stop bad odours developing.

2. Remove any electrical items – DVD players, TVs, microwaves, radios – and put them somewhere indoors.

3. If possible, jack up the caravan and remove the wheels, and store them in a cool, dry place.

4. Remove any soft furnishings such as cushions and curtains, to stop mould developing.

5.  Leave your smaller cupboard doors slightly ajar for ventilation, but keep larger ones closed to avoid warping.

6. Take out the 12V battery, give it a clean, and top it up with electrolyte fluid if it needs it. Keep it somewhere cool and dry over the winter.

7. Any other batteries that might corrode over the winter should also be removed, such as in smoke alarms or clocks.

8. Use a strong disinfectant to flush out the waste pipes, and a sterilising fluid to flush out the water pipes.

9. Use a fine mesh material to cover up the ends of any external drainpipes, as this will help to stop vermin and insects getting in.

10. Finally, double-check to make sure all your valuables are removed, and then lock the caravan for the winter.

Hopefully you will find this information useful. We are one of the most popular Dorset caravan parks, so we are highly experienced in looking after caravans.

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