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Family Days Out in Dorset When it’s Raining - June 7th, 2012

The English weather strikes again! We’re now in June and instead of beautiful sunny skies, the weather here in Dorset is like standing in the middle of a car wash!

Of course, just because the weather is bad, that’s no reason to waste a day of your caravan holiday stuck in your caravan or camper. We’re lucky enough to have a fine selection of indoor attractions both in Lyme Regis and nearby in Dorset which will keep you entertained while keeping you out of the rain.

What are your favourite wet weather family days out in Dorset? Head over to our holiday park facebook page and let us know.

Lyme Regis Museum

This museum is a great place to see a wide range of fossils from the Jurassic Coast, as well as learn about the world’s most famous fossil hunter – Mary Anning. Anning came from Lyme and was an early pioneer of the science of palaeontology, and Lyme Regis Museum has a permanent exhibition celebrating her extraordinary life.

Sealife Centre

The Weymouth Sealife Centre is one of Dorset’s most popular family attractions. It contains a breathtaking array of fish and sea creatures, as well as plenty of hands-on interactive learning opportunities for kids to do. This week the Sealife Centre is home to the rare Stellar Sea Eagle – only a couple of days left to catch it!

Fossil Hunting

Okay, so you’ll need to be outdoors exposed to the elements for this one. The reason we mention it is because if you’re serious about finding fossils in Dorset, the best time to go looking is immediately after a period of wet, stormy weather, when the wind and rain has eroded the cliffs and hopefully revealed a new batch of prehistoric treasures just waiting to be picked up from the beach. We expect there will be a few to find after this week’s rather unpleasant weather!

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